Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Asbestos On Your Iron Lung

The idea for this photoshoot started with one single dress. A dress that I reconstructed after a night of drinking wine and watching old movies. Then when the male model didn't follow through, I tossed in two other female models and made it a theme. Gothic Glam and a background with destruction. The building that was once an Art Gallery/Rave/Furniture outlet in the early 80's is now filled with asbestos and cancer. So where else would we do it? HA!
Regardless of the danger warnings my models put on a great show. Bending, stretching, and jumping into poses revealed the movement of the dresses and allowed the makeup and Hair shine!

Models: Angie Smith,Kaitlyn Marie Giguere and Laurel Schlitt


My beautiful friend Emily Finely is expanding her horizons in the acting world and with that she needs some new photos of her lovely face.
We kept the hair and makeup simple so her natural beauty could shine through.
Her expressions and talent are priceless!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I first Met Valerie at Von Maur. After a few hundred visits to VM I gained a new friend. I have always wanted to use Val in a shoot but with conflicting schedules we could never manage to pick a day. Like fate would have it I needed a model today and she was finally available.