Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sarah Chapman

I met Sarah when I first moved to Suttons Bay. She lived across the street from me and her mom and my mom made us a play date. Even though our friendship never really evolved from that day (until now) I always liked her and considered her a great and talented person.

Yesterday was Sarah’s birthday, and we decided it would be the perfect day to do a shoot of her. I had asked her previously at the COTS event if she would be interested in modeling for me sometime and she was totally down.

So here's to breaking the mold!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Senior Session

It's no secret that Nia Scott is one of my favorite models. Some would say she's my muse even. I would not argue. She is not only completely unique looking, incredibly beautiful, and sweet, but she is also hilarious! With a love me or hate me attitude she will surely go far. Whether it be in modeling or just life in general this girl has it.

When the time came for Nia to get senior photos I jumped on the chance! It was orginally Natalie Jones's Idea to put Nia in a pin-up setting, then we decided it would be great for senior photos. We wanted to make this something Epic and it was.

I did Nia's Hair and Makeup. She picked out her own outfits. Natalie and I worked as a team in this shoot, but these are my shots! So enjoy!

Thanks for the Motorcycle Daddio!