Thursday, July 30, 2009

Makeup On Myself

From the very beginning of my career I have always known to be in this industry you have to look the part and sell yourself. You are your own buisness card. So everyday I take an extra 10 minutes than I normally would. I try different looks everday. I think it's very important to be diverse in my work. If I have a shoot coming up I always do the looks on myself to make sure everything will come together nicely before I start on my canvas.

  • There are LOTS of pictures.
  • I am Very fair in some photos so you might need sunglasses.
  • Most of these are self taken
  • These are in no particular order

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Day For New Hair Do's

Thursday morning (early) My friend Cass stopped over for her new do'! We discussed different hair style ideas but we both decided on it being all black. I added a few blue violet tones to her hair as well. For makeup we stuck with an exaggerated black silver and white look. M.A.C Boot black liquid liner lined her lids in a nice cat eye swoooooop! pale pink lips (one of my favorites) and bronzey cheeks. Check out the latest Cass!

Melissa came over on the same day and we chopped just a bit more off. It has taken us just about a year for Melissa to brave this fabulous look! But I will save that story for her TL time line. For now I'll just show you the photos of her new do'.

Monday, July 20, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Itchy

I have been planning this photo shoot for some time now. Finally today it happend. With the original plan to have 5 models (too big of a number usually) to model my dresses from the fashion show as the day went on the models started dropping like flys till I only had two. Faith and Lisa. When They arrived they had a third Chelsea! I was so happy to see her considering I was bumming that only two dresses would have been displayed. I managed to get them ready, Hair Makeup and All, and get them out the door just before 6pm! I had a guest photographer to work with today. His name is Charlie Naebeck.

When we arrived at the location we were attacked by mosquitos! We headed to the feilds and took lots and lots of beautiful photos of these beautiful ladies!

Towards the end we were almost tossed out on our butts for trespassing. I talked them out of sending us to jail gave them my buisness card and offerd to help them and send them pictures. They let us go and we went home.

Here are a few photos I just finished editing!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion Anarchy: My first fashion show.

This being my first Fashion show I felt very inexperienced but in the end it all turned out so well. I was slighty short with music timing but all in all it was pretty awesome. I couldn't have down it with out my team, the models, The band, and my co-pilot/hederosexual life partner Jen Kniivila. All these photos were taken by her.Visual Poetry.

The Modern Exchange is a Vintage clothing storeand Venue. The perfect place to hold the show. So of course I thought why not have them in the show as well. With all these cool duds I spent 3 hours sifting through racks about racks and stacks of clothes. I came out with a few of these Rad Items. Makeup: Taryn Scalise

Stereo Addiction is one of my favorite local bands. Each member has an incredible personality and a great sense of humor which makes for a pretty entertaining show. Their music has a pop/punk feel, with personable lyrics, they even throw in a fun song about zombies. I couldn't think of any other band that would fit this show as well as they did. So thanks guys for adding that special something to our show.

I first met Becky Buford during a photoshoot set up by Jen Kniivila. I was modeling her clothes and fell in love with a white dress I modeled for her. We ( Jen and I) had been looking for more designers for the show and decided that Becky and her clothes were a perfect canidate for our show! She is a dream to work with let me tell you. She has a creative out look on her designs and can whip up a hot new top in minutes. These skills should take her far. Makeup: Katie Ray Gun Makeup

I wasn't really in to making clothes for the show. I was pretty happy just doing makeup and directing the show. But Jen Kniivila convinced me that I had to and we needed to fill the space. That was in the beginning. After a few months it became this obsession. Everytime I would go to a clothing store I would see clothes in a different way i.e. How was it stitched? Where did the seam begin and how was it folded to make that ruffle? I would purchase random yards of fabric then later pair them with other fabrics.

In the end it all turned out perfect. I ended up creating the majority of these dresses 2 weeks before the show. I work best under small amounts of pressure apparently. I would like to Thank Becky from Studio Apparel for showing me how to put in a zipper and sew a ruffle just right
This first picture is a scene from my runway. I had 3 good looking guys dress up and spin the ladies around to music from Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves. Makeup: Taryn Scalise (me)

This was our team of Artists and Hairstylist. From Bottom to Top: Taryn Scalise(myself), Katie Casebolt, Julie Rhodes, and Katherine Raetzel. Julie and Katherine worked as a team. Julie prepped the hair while Katherine created the updos! All the hair looked incredible! As for the Makeup artist, I was responsible for The Modern Exchange Vintage shops Models, as well as my own (ToughLove). Katie Casebolt Teamed up with Studio Apparel.