Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion Anarchy: My first fashion show.

This being my first Fashion show I felt very inexperienced but in the end it all turned out so well. I was slighty short with music timing but all in all it was pretty awesome. I couldn't have down it with out my team, the models, The band, and my co-pilot/hederosexual life partner Jen Kniivila. All these photos were taken by her.Visual Poetry.

The Modern Exchange is a Vintage clothing storeand Venue. The perfect place to hold the show. So of course I thought why not have them in the show as well. With all these cool duds I spent 3 hours sifting through racks about racks and stacks of clothes. I came out with a few of these Rad Items. Makeup: Taryn Scalise

Stereo Addiction is one of my favorite local bands. Each member has an incredible personality and a great sense of humor which makes for a pretty entertaining show. Their music has a pop/punk feel, with personable lyrics, they even throw in a fun song about zombies. I couldn't think of any other band that would fit this show as well as they did. So thanks guys for adding that special something to our show.

I first met Becky Buford during a photoshoot set up by Jen Kniivila. I was modeling her clothes and fell in love with a white dress I modeled for her. We ( Jen and I) had been looking for more designers for the show and decided that Becky and her clothes were a perfect canidate for our show! She is a dream to work with let me tell you. She has a creative out look on her designs and can whip up a hot new top in minutes. These skills should take her far. Makeup: Katie Ray Gun Makeup

I wasn't really in to making clothes for the show. I was pretty happy just doing makeup and directing the show. But Jen Kniivila convinced me that I had to and we needed to fill the space. That was in the beginning. After a few months it became this obsession. Everytime I would go to a clothing store I would see clothes in a different way i.e. How was it stitched? Where did the seam begin and how was it folded to make that ruffle? I would purchase random yards of fabric then later pair them with other fabrics.

In the end it all turned out perfect. I ended up creating the majority of these dresses 2 weeks before the show. I work best under small amounts of pressure apparently. I would like to Thank Becky from Studio Apparel for showing me how to put in a zipper and sew a ruffle just right
This first picture is a scene from my runway. I had 3 good looking guys dress up and spin the ladies around to music from Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves. Makeup: Taryn Scalise (me)

This was our team of Artists and Hairstylist. From Bottom to Top: Taryn Scalise(myself), Katie Casebolt, Julie Rhodes, and Katherine Raetzel. Julie and Katherine worked as a team. Julie prepped the hair while Katherine created the updos! All the hair looked incredible! As for the Makeup artist, I was responsible for The Modern Exchange Vintage shops Models, as well as my own (ToughLove). Katie Casebolt Teamed up with Studio Apparel.

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