Sunday, November 22, 2009

You know its winter when....

The photographers start moving the shoots into the studio. Haha. Well at least this Makeup photographer!
I had the ultimate privilege of using one of my dearest friends Studio to do this photoshoot for these amazing women. I would like to thank Jen Kniivila For letting me use her studio, camera, AND wine, to create this fun and flirty shoot.
These shoots have have become more and more popular through the halls of the U of M hospital as one by one ( or two's and three's) these fantastic, smart, and beautiful women contact me for photoshoots. This time it was Carla, Andrea, and Kristen.

We picked out some uber sassy (and saucy) outfits, and paired them up with smokey eyes and fabulous curly do's! The end result was absolutely stunning. Here are a few photos from the shoot.

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