Friday, March 5, 2010

The Frog Socks Had to Go

I have been trying to put together a wedding album for my brides to go through so they can pick out makeup looks for their wedding. I was having Marley over so we could lighten her hair again and I could do one of my bridal looks on her. After I had finished doing her hair I couldn't do a bridal look because I was inspired to put something else together instead. I went to my closet and tried out a few dresses but the only thing I could think of was this ZacPosen for Target photo I had seen earlier that day.

Here is Marley with her new do' and my random brainchild.

Mind you this shoot was done in the hallway of my apartment building and the laundry room in the building next door.

This is the photo that inspired me. I want this dress.

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